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Active GPS Technology

Attenti provides a comprehensive platform to provision and manage the real-time location of people and valuable assets that matter most. The company’s solution, including:


    *Unique Location-Based Services Devices

    *24/7 Monitoring Center


Attenti is compatible with a broad set of location-enabled communication networks and is used in a wide variety of industries and situations.


Beyond GPS

Going beyond GPS, Attenti renders information from Active GPS satellites and from cell towers to locate tracked entities outdoors and indoors. The location information is transmitted continuously or “on demand” to Attenti using commercial, ubiquitous cellular network technology; the frequency of transmission is set by the user for specific scheduled intervals, optimizing battery life of devices and network cost. Location points are displayed on high definition maps in 2 or 3 dimensions and with aerial or hybrid views, providing extremely accurate representations of where assets and individuals are located.

With our GPS devices, we create zones and schedules for when and where the tracking client is (or is not) supposed to be. it allows for virtually any shape of zone, including circles, squares, rectangles, or point-and-click polygons for custom shapes and routes. Whenever these geospatial rules are violated, we are notified through:

* E-mail



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